Pets and COVID-19


On pets and COVID-19: we are facing a critical global situation together, and we’re all very concerned about the safety of our family and loved ones. So we would like to do our part and be there for you – our human and furry family. In the following, we’ll address the concerns we’ve received from the Sidelick community regarding the pet-corona virus relation.
As this is still a developing matter, we will keep on updating this post. (27/04/20)

Lately, so much has been circulating on pets and the new corona virus. False reports saying that dogs can spread COVID-19 pushed many pet owners to abandon their pets here in Lebanon…

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At Sidelick, we believe that pets are nothing but bundles of joy. They contribute in making our lives healthier, so let’s invest our time now in unlocking our pets’ magical powers! Here is our guide on staying safe during the pandemic, and making the most out of it with our fur balls.


First, let us establish that there is no evidence that pets can transmit COVID-19 to humans.
According to the World Health Organization, cats and dogs that are in contact with COVID-19 infected humans are susceptible to the virus, but do not contribute in spreading it to humans.


Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, what can you do to keep your pets and yourself safe (other than frequently washing your hands and maintaining social distancing)?

  • Clean your dog with pet-friendly soap after walks; use a cloth and natural soap/doggie shampoo with water. Do NOT opt for detergents.
  • Keep your cats indoor.
  • Do not touch your face after petting a dog/cat – as its fur might carry particles if the pet was exposed to an infected person.
  • Clean your pet’s food and water bowls frequently.
  • Sanitize your dog’s leash if someone else handled the dog walk.
  • Keep up a good self and home hygiene, as it is key in slowing down the spread of the virus.


The answer is yes, we are operational! Our sitters who are currently providing their pet care services, are abiding by local regulations (curfews) and taking precautions. Here are a few safety guidelines regarding the pet parent and pet sitter interaction:

  • Prior to any bookings, exchange questions and guidelines virtually (sitters, make sure to cover the Pet Sitter Checklist).
  • Keep face to face meetups and interactions short and distanced at 2 meters.
  • Be equipped with a mask, gloves, and a sanitizer.
  • As a sitter, you can offer to bring your own leash and dog bags. If not possible, wash your hands thoroughly after holding the pet’s belongings.
  • In the case of drop-in visits, as a pet parent, consider leaving everything the sitter will need (food, litter shovel, water, etc.) near the door. That way, the sitter will not have to touch much around the house.
  • Clean all pet belongings before and after the stay.
  • Ensure pet drop-off and pick-up happen at the door/lobby.


Since you’re at home more than ever now, your pets are the happiest – they finally have all your attention! While they’re thrilled that you’re together, they can also get bored easily, especially when you’re working from home.
You’re encouraged to spend your dog’s energy by walks or jogs in the morning and late afternoon – it’s not just your dog that needs to exercise; you need to blow off some steam. Another thing to do is to practice home yoga with your pets. You won’t believe how funny their reactions to your yoga poses will be!
Also, we find it very efficient to designate 15-20 minutes of play time during the day.
On another note, placing treats in a Kong and other food-dispensing toys can entertain and occupy your pets while you’re busy working. Surf the web for dog puzzles and ways to tickle your pet’s brain!


During these critical times that the pandemic has imposed, remember to make the most out of the small things. Stay positive for a better tomorrow, and know that with the help of your pets, who are natural stress-relievers, you can stay sane! To date, pets cannot transmit the corona virus to you. So indulge in some quality time with them; snuggle up on your couch and cuddle your furry friend – this means “I love you” in their language, and also means the world to them 🙂

We at Sidelick want you to know that we’re here for you and your pets. As part of our awareness campaign, we’ve come up with a fun video to keep everyone safe and happy during these difficult times. Check it out to summarize some points discussed in this post 🙂

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