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Looking for trusted dog breeders in Lebanon can be tedious and difficult. The country is not an FCI member (Fédération Cynologique Internationale), the reference institution regulating breed standards and breeding ethics. Currently, there is no official entity overseeing local breeding processes, which regularly leads to disappointments amongst aspiring and new pet parents.

It’s worth noting that if you’re looking into getting a new dog, you might want to consider adopting instead of heading to a pet shop or visiting a breeder. There are hundreds of amazing dogs for adoption! All of our pet sitters and dog walkers will tell you that their best memories were with adopted dogs. If you’re looking for a puppy, there might also be adoption options available for you.

In case you’re looking for a specific dog breed, then you might need to look for breed-specialized breeders. It is very important that you search thoroughly and that you make sure not to encourage puppy mills, institutions that practice animal abuse for profit. There are two types of dog breeders in Lebanon, which are explained below.

dog breeders
Finding the right breeder is not easy!

Dog breeders that breed in Lebanon

The first category is less common and rarely breed specific. Do not expect to find atypical breeds such as a Schnauzer breeder in Lebanon for instance! What you might find instead are individuals who own farms in which they breed German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Labradors, etc. The puppies are usually offered at lower rates than imported ones but cannot have an FCI recognized pedigree. They often breed the same dogs over and over, which can lead to inbreeding and a limited gene pool. Many of these so-called breeders can be assimilated to puppy mills, so here are our recommendations for you:

  • The breeder should ideally breed in a loving, home environment – not a random, abandoned farm far away.
  • The puppies need to have access to indoor space and be handled often, setting them up for family life.
  • You should be able to see both dog parents to assess their looks and characters. If the male parent is not available, the minimum you can expect is to have access to the mother.
  • Ideally, take your time and build a relationship with the breeder. Monitor the number of litters in order to make sure that the mother is not overbred. The number of litters should be limited.
  • You should be able to assess the living conditions of the parents and puppies as clean and safe.
  • Before taking the puppy in, the breeder should allow you to go for a vet check-up.
  • It is very important for you to feel comfortable with the breeder and he should promise to offer support after you take the puppy.
Look for a dog breeder that offers love too!

Dog breeders that are “dog importers

These are businessmen that will most often ship a puppy from abroad, typically Ukraine. The majority of “breeders” in Lebanon work that way. By shipping dogs from Eastern European countries on a weekly basis, they offer the possibility of getting FCI certified puppies at affordable rates, without the hassle and risks associated to breeding in Lebanon. However, you need to know that while Ukraine is an FCI member country, it doesn’t mean that all dogs coming from there are healthy or up to breed standards. Consequently, there are a lot of scams! Here are our recommendations:

  • Take your time and stay rational. Do not make a decision based on excitement or emotional enthusiasm because that is what these breeders are counting on.
  • You might be tempted to use online platforms such as OLX or Facebook marketplace to find options. That’s fine, but be aware that many pictures posted online are not actual pictures of the puppies you will be getting.
  • When shown a picture, always reverse Google image it. If you find the picture and it doesn’t correspond to the story you’re being told by the seller, forget it.
  • Ask to see pictures of the both dog parents. Reverse Google image them as well.
  • Ask if the puppy will come with a pedigree. If the puppy comes from Ukraine, it can come with a puppy card from the UKU (Ukrainian Kennel Union).
  • Ask if the puppy will come with a “passport” and will have its first vaccinations done. It is common practice to redo all vaccines from scratch when you get your puppy.
  • Most breeders will ask for a deposit. If they showed you several pictures and videos of the puppies, and that they all show the same puppy which is to your liking, you can pay a deposit (no more than 50% of the total amount). NEVER pay the full amount before receiving the puppy.
dog cat puppy
Businessmen would sell you a unicorn if you asked for one…

Health risks

You should also know that puppies are shipped to Lebanon in crates that are next to each other, exposing them to a risk of parvovirus, a deadly disease in puppies. Therefore, you need to make sure you puppy is safe and healthy, even after delivery. This is especially true for teacup dogs, which are prone to higher health risks.

Keep in mind that most Lebanese breeders and importers will not be able to offer a legitimate health guarantee. Good, international breeders can usually show health clearances of the dog parents and grandparents, tested for hereditary problems (for example, hip dysplasia in German Shepherds). Accordingly, puppies can be genetically tested as well. Unfortunately, breeders that offer this standard of guarantee are rare and don’t necessarily sell overseas.   

breeder puppy mill
Beware of puppy mills!

Alternative dog breeders options

Obviously, finding trusted dog breeders in Lebanon is no easy feat. Your other option is to go to a pet shop, where you can physically see the puppy. This is an advantage compared to selecting a virtual puppy and waiting for it to be shipped, but similarly to the other options, there are no health guarantees and the pet shop clerk will not be able to tell you anything about the puppy’s parents – which is a major drawback.

Finally, the best – yet most difficult – way to get a puppy is to build a relationship yourself with an international, reputable breeder. You can do so by browsing Eurobreeder and finding a breed specific kennel. Send them an email, earn their trust, monitor new litters. This is not easy because good breeders usually have a low number of litters that are reserved in advance. However, if you find the willpower to take your time, it could be a great way to secure an amazing puppy, up to your expectations!

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    If you have a female Great Dane that meets the necessary breeding criteria and are interested in discussing the possibility of breeding our dogs, please let me know. I would be happy to provide you with additional information about my dog’s health and pedigree, as well as answer any questions you may have.

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